Our Humble

It started with a family taking a huge risk almost 50 years ago.

It all began almost 50 years ago when husband and wife team, “The Miller’s” took a shot at a business opportunity. They opened a sandwich shop with virtually all of their savings to follow their dreams of owning and running a restaurant. Together, the whole family pitched in to help get the business off the ground, working long days & nights, putting everything that they had into their new shop. They were determined to make it succeed. That they did!

Family Serving Family®
Our Foundation. Our Culture. Our Way.


We must be doing something right!

To satisfy our customers palettes, we’ve added new items to the menu. The Grilled Pastrami, Thanksgiving, Reubens, and Barbeque Pulled Pork are just some of those sandwiches. The most popular menu items have remained the same – our Authentic Roast Beef Sandwiches, French Fries, and Onion Rings. They make most people drool! We hope you do too!

Our focus has never changed – to provide customers a wholesome meal & outstanding service without sacrificing quality. Over the years, the Miller’s Famous Sandwiches
brand has become a staple in the community, an icon of sorts, becoming a local favorite spanning multiple generations.

Our Secret Ingredient

What’s our secret ingredient? PEOPLE! Our guiding principle is to put PEOPLE FIRST in every way, every day. People have always been the most important ingredient at Miller’s Famous Sandwiches®.

It started almost 50 years ago when The Miller’s, husband and wife team, sold their first roast beef sandwich out of the small corner sandwich shop in East Providence, Rhode Island. Since the beginning, people have been the most important part of the equation. As long as you treat people right, everything else falls perfectly into place. That is our philosophy and that is what has brought us continued success to this day.



We’ve been perfecting our craft for almost 50 years – so trust us – we know a thing or two about serving an authentic slow roasted Roast Beef Sandwich.  It’s quite possibly the freshest, best tasting, consistently prepared Roast Beef Sandwich out there.   It’s simply awesome.  We responsible source our Roast Beef from family ranchers – providing you with high quality Angus Beef to enjoy.  Don’t forget – we serve way more than just Roast Beef – we have many other wonderful sandwiches – each prepared using the highest quality ingredients possible – give them all a try.  Our sandwiches are sliced and prepared when you order it – so you get a high quality, fresh product each time.  We are committed to pleasing you!

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